Increased safety in outdoor environments

A comprehensive crime preventive solution to prevent and avert crime

Do you want to feel safer in outdoor environments? Do you feel afraid of being threatened or assaulted on the walk or jog? You are not alone. Together with police officers, self-defense instructors, crime victim associations, former professional criminals, expert advisers at SSF – the Swedish anti-theft association – and hundreds of women, we have created a comprehensive crime preventive solution for increased security in outdoor environments. For this, we have had the honor of receiving SKAPA – Sweden's largest innovation award in memory of Alfred Nobel.

An innovation for increased safety

A unique system with smart functions

What separates us from existing assault products on the market? Visibility and the deterrent effect. We want to prevent an assault from actually taken place. For this, we have developed a system containing three cooperating products: a crime preventing waistband, a unique assault alarm and a mobile application.


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