“Discreet" is not what saves us

Many people know that there are existing assault alarms and defense sprays to use in the event of an assault, and you may even have one yourself. What shocked me during the market research in my Master Thesis was that these products are marketed to women in the same way, as "discreet", "small" and "should not look like a traditional alarm, which should deceive the perpetrator”. I think that this is a result of how we women are often raised within the society: not to challenge, not to take too much space or not to show ourselves as strong. So how should I in fact receive the authority needed with these products in outdoor environments, if even the assault alarm and sprays are not marketed with authority? When you think about it, "discreet" is not really the first word that pops up to your mind when you think of crime prevention, right? And why would I really want to deceive the perpetrator into thinking I am not alarmed, when, in fact, I am? It was exactly at this point that my journey towards crime prevention in outdoor environments started. A comprehensive solution that prevents a perpetrator from committing his crime in a discreet and invisible way – both before, during, and after a possible assault.


“A perpetrator wants a crime to happen as invisibly as possible and does not want to attract attention, be heard or seen. If not so, the perpetrator finds it difficult to continue the crime. " - Self- Defense Instructor


And, speaking of marketing, why are existing assault alarms being marketed like the best place for them is in your pocket or purse? Sure, we like that a product is small and flexible enough to fit in these hidden places, but when it comes to these products, isn't it much better to be instantly prepared if an assault should occur? The answer is given, especially since we know that in a crisis, we don’t have the time to look for the product in our bag or the pocket to enable it quickly enough in a sharp situation. In the best of the cases, we might have a product that can help us if an assault should occur, if we have time to activate it, but you truly cannot ignore the genuine trauma arising from being assaulted. I think it is completely unnecessary to ever end up in such a situation even, if one can avoid it. Or what do you think?

Linn Gerhardsson

Founder and CEO