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How Alarmwear works

A comprehensive solution containing three parts

The Alarmwear product package consists of a waistband, a handheld assault alarm and a smart app. They are all synced together, but you can also use them separately. No matter what you choose, our goal is for you to feel safe outdoors, and not have to limit your life due to fear.

Crime preventing

The waistband

The smart design allows you to use the waistband as a waist bag, which makes it optimal to use, for example, when you run. In addition, you show that you are alarmed. If an alarm is triggered, the waistband gives off a flashing light, from blue to white, not so different from the blue light from a police car. The white strobe light blinks 19 times/second, which is proven disorienting. The LED strip is powered by a power bank, which makes it possible for you to charge your phone at the same time.

Alarmwear midjeband
Alarmwear överfallslarmet
Crime deterring

The assault alarm

When pulling the sprint on the alarm, it will emit a loud sound of a screaming woman to pay attention to the surroundings that you are in danger. The choice of the sound is based on the fact that we are more inclined to help someone who is screaming, than react and act when we hear a car alarm, which is the standard sound on the assault alarms on the market today.

Alarms and saves evidence

The application

Let your loved ones follow you when you are running or when you are on your way home from a night out. The app automatically sends messages via our server to an unlimited amount of followers. If an alarm is triggered from the app or from the handheld assault alarm, data is stored in our server. This data can later be used as part of a criminal investigation. The app can also be used in a situation where you don’t want anyone to know that you are triggering an alarm, for example, if you feel unsafe in a taxi.

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