Why Alarmwear

Seven reasons to get Alarmwear

1 of 3 women feel unsafe outside their own home

The need to feel safe in outdoor environments exists worldwide. 17 % of women in Sweden have during the past year refrained from activities because of fear, and 32 % have often chosen a different path or way to get home because of unsafety. It is time to change that!

1. Show that you are alarmed

While other assault alarms on the market work when the attack is already a fact, Alarmwear's products are designed to work deterrent for a possible perpetrator. We would never alarm our house without paying attention to our surroundings. So why do we not show the environment that we ourselves are alarmed?

2. A deterrent situation

A perpetrator wants to commit his crime as invisibly as possible. This is the reason why Alarmwear wants to create a situation that is as visible as possible. With sound, light and other visible details, you will easily create a situation that the perpetrator no longer wants to be in.

3. Shares evidence with your followers

If you choose to trigger an alarm, our database will save your geographic position, how you have moved and important times to facilitate an investigation. Your followers will in real-time be informed that something has happened and see exactly where and when. When you trigger an alarm data is stored for 30 days and can be used by the police to facilitate tracking and crime investigations.

4. A security mindset

To think about security is a part of the entire process at Alarmwear. Therefore we are making sure that your data is being stored in a safe place if an alarm should be triggered. We are also making sure that the handheld alarm will not stop sending an alarm to your followers even if the alarm is destroyed and that each unique user remains that unique user.

5. Created in consultation with experts

We have received good response from significant persons who are working close to crimes. They believe that our products can make a difference. So do we.

6. Winner of the SKAPA-award

As a foundation to Alarmwear lies a degree report containing 140 pages. Alarmwear had the honour of receiving the SKAPA-award for best innovation in Norrbotten county. The SKAPA-award is the largest award for innovators in Sweden in memory of Alfred Nobel.

7. Sustainability

From the start, our ambition has been to create products that are sustainable, not least in our wear and tear society. Therefore, we are working with materials that can withstand being torn and thrown. Our hope is also that Alarmwear can help reduce the number of assaults taking place, which could lead to fewer resources being needed in healthcare and the judiciary.